Adult Classes

Adult Driving Lessons by QL Driving School


We offer driving classes for adults from Mondays to Saturdays.

  • Classes are held on Saturday, usually from 8am-2pm.
  • DPS written test is included in class.
  • Certificate issued at end of class.

After you have taken the class, you will take your certificate to the DPS office. In addition to the certificate, you will need your State Issued Birth Certificate and your Social Security Card to present to the DPS.

(Texas now has a residency requirement for 1st time applicants-please go the DPS website to view accepted documents)

If you already know how to drive, you will only need to take and pass the road test in order to get your Driver’s License.

If you do not know how to drive, you will apply for a Learner’s License (Instructional Permit). This will enable you to practice with family and friends or take professional driving lessons.

All In-car instruction for adults is done by appointment.

Reserve your seat!!!

Written exam available in English and Spanish.

Call us at (281) 802-3050 or email us for more information or to register in a class.